Formosan termites in California

The Formosan subterranean termite (FST), Coptotermes formosanus, is a very destructive pest found in Taiwan, Hawaii (Oahu), and Southern U.S. states. It was first reported in California in 1992 in La Mesa, San Diego County. Like many other FST eradication efforts worldwide, FST eradication was not successful in California, and FST is still found in the original discovery site. Furthermore, FST was found in Canyon Lake, Riverside County (2020), Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego County (2021), and Highland Park, Los Angeles County (2021).

To identify Formosan termites, we developed the poster below, including photos from workers, soldiers, and alate (winged) FSTs. If you see any termites similar to the photos below, don’t hesitate to contact us using the emails provided on the poster.

PDF: Alert: Formosan subterranean termite in California alert_horizontal

Author: Siavash Taravati